Villiers sur Yonne

Villiers sur Yonne is located in the Bourgogne region, which is renowned for it's places of historical interest.
Pilgrim basilicas, abbeys, and ancient chateaux are just some of the buildings to see.

For enthusiastic ramblers, it is still possible to walk the old pilgrim routes.

This region also offers a variety of the world's finest wines and famous gourmet restaurants

Henry de Vezelay

Chateaulux (10 miles)

St Fargeau

Chateau Ratilly

Abbe de Fontonay

Chablis (40 miles)

Tannay (4 miles)

Clamecy (5 miles)

Basilica Madeleine, Vezelay (12 miles)

Chateau Bazoches (15 miles)

Corbigny (15 miles)

La Charite sur Loire (30 miles)